6 ways to make your corporate event standout and increase brand awareness using a photobooth

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In order to build a strong brand image, businesses need to try new trends and technologies rather than sticking with traditional advertising.

Thanks to their new technology and their appealing sleek design, modern photobooths can be a powerful tool that can easily increase brand exposition, customer engagement and enhance brand image. In this article we are going to give you different ways and tricks to make your next corporate event a true success.

Branding, branding, branding

The generous branding space on these photobooths can be a huge advantage for exposing your brand in an attractive way. Most of us are visual learners and using visual marketing is the best way to engage your audience towards your brand and convert them into customers. That’s why customizing your event by using a flashy and fun tool all while promoting your product or service, will definitely get your guests attention.

Branding can also be done on the photos taken with the photobooth where you can place your company logo and other information like your website, your e-mail address or your phone number. Having these pictures shared on social media by your guests using a hashtag related to your brand, can win you a lot of exposure and visibility.
So make sure the company you’re renting a photobooth from, nicely places your brand identity on the branding space of your photobooth without having to look for a designer to do it instead.

Giving new experiences to your guests is key

Including the modern photobooth experience in your event can bring fresh opportunities to the table for your business. In a social media era where everything is taken to social platforms, having your guests share positive interactions they had with your brand is basically free advertising. It’s also a great opportunity to take the whole experience to your company’s social media pages and show how much fun your guests are having at your event. People will start to develop a positive attitude about your brand. And that can easily increase your popularity.

Use our photobooths as a way to draw your guests in while offering them fun social experiences. That way they will also be pleased to purchase or recommend your brand to others. This can serve as a great digital marketing tactic.

Increase event engagement

You don’t want your event to fall into the boring and uninteresting category. Your guests will be expecting to enjoy your event and hopefully get something out of it. That’s why you don’t get the same type of engagement when you only offer your guests free corporate gifts to add to their pile of free gifts from different events. Instead, give them a way to actually express their appreciation. And that’s through taking a spontaneous picture with your brand’s name on it.

Since everyone loves hashtags, your guests will probably tag your company with a bunch of them, during and after the event. Which will increase your visibility where engagement with those hashtags is already happening. And that’s an opportunity for your brand to be discovered by new prospects.

Motivate your guests to know more about your business

As you impress your guests with a unique and entertaining experience, guests who not necessarily know you or know too little about your brand, will be excited to check your other activities on social media and probably participate in a way or another. Getting your guests to share, comment or like anything on your page is a already a winning move. Give your guests and prospects a reason to get to know you better.

Make your brand stick in your guests’ minds

Receiving a free gift is not bad, everyone loves free stuff. But to give your guests a souvenir which involves them and they get to go home with it, is even better. Photos are forever, and so the experience associated with them. If you want your guests to remember you for a longer period of time, a printed picture with a coupon on it can be an awesome gift to leave with too. Plus, doing discounts is a great way to make your marketing move actionable and get some ROI (Return On Investment).

Give your guests an incentive to remember your brand all for the right reasons, book your photobooth now.

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