A private event ?

Whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary, a graduation party, a birthday party,
or any other celebration, we have the solution to brighten up your special event!
Memorable Photo Taking Experiences

What could be better than making your guests smile and your special event a true success !
Complete the organisation of your event with a fun solution that will immortalise the moment.

The selfie Booth

PicMeUp brings to you a fun and easy to use photo generating device that will capture the special moments at your event. Your guests will have a blast using our mini selfie booth in order to take solo or group photos.

Our mini photo booth is perfect for private events for its customizable design, lightweight and user-friendly interface. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, a graduation party or any other celebration, our selfie booth fits in perfectly to add a sparkle to your event.

With the mini photo booth you can print photos instantly, customize your photos, add filters to your photos, create gifs and animated photos, send your photo gallery to your e-mail address, share your photos on social media and much more.

The Mirror Booth

PicMeUp have thought of the perfect device for your private event ! The mirror booth is a remarkable photo generating device with the latest technology which will give your guests a unique photo taking experience at your event.

The mirror booth offers a full-length photo taking experience, in other words your guests will not only have fun taking pictures but they will also get to show off the pretty clothes !

Our mirror photo booth has a user-friendly interface full of surprises. Once the mirror is activated it communicates with your guests in an interactive way with animations, an entertaining voice guidance, motivational messages and social games to make the party even more fun !

The mirror booth has also a customizable workflow and layout builder so you can set the options and features that best suits your event theme.

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