Wedding Day Survival Kit

3 min read

The wedding day emergency kit is meant to help you survive any disasters like a torn dress or having a massive headache the day of your wedding. So we gathered a list of beauty and non-beauty essentials that could save you the panicking over some unexpected events.

Whether your wedding day is going to be in the summer or not, we judge these to be some of the most essential items you NEED to have in your wedding day survival kit. From health and beauty essentials, food and beverages to just-in-case items that will save the day in almost any situation.

Though, as much as these items are easy to find at any drugstore or supermarket, you want to get your kit ready in advance and check it off the list so you can focus on more important stuff the days right before your wedding.

Here’s our ultimate wedding day survival kit in an infographic that is easy to read and save for later.

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