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We have the solution to animate your event and engage your audience.
Whether it’s the selfie booth or the mirror booth we are here to advice you with the photobooth that best suits your event!

Photo Marketing Experiences

Use Our Photobooths as a Marketing Tool

Branding photobooth : raise more awareness of your brand, creatively and memorably. Showcase your brand logo on the photo booth, photos, videos, Gifs, and add-ons.

Improve your visibility online :Allow your guests to share their photos online to increase your visibility on social media and expose your brand to new potential customers and audiences.

Data collection :Collect your guests’ and customers’ e-mails to send mailing campaigns after the event. This allows you to send e-mails with promotional videos or texts containing your company’s logo and information to amplify your reach.

Word-of-mouth marketing : Offer your guests a unique share-worthy experience and get them talking about how fun your event was! Your guests will be recommending your brand to generate more sales and increase your popularity.

The selfie booth

If you’re looking for a high-quality photo box for your next event, you’re in the right place. Our mini selfie booth is fully customizable and gives you the possibility to print high-quality photos instantly. Thanks to its solid party-approved design and user-friendly interface, it is super easy to use and set up.

The Mirror Booth

The mirror photo booth is an interactive photo-taking device that entertains your guests while they’re taking solo or group photos. The new generation photo booth offers a full-length photo-taking experience and a user-friendly interface, with an integrated and customizable workflow and layout builder. The mirror is also a customizable branding photo booth that allows you to add your company logo and other multiple animation features of your choice.

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